About me.

Tony Catania (also known under the alias "Tom Civic") grew up in the City of Catania on the Island of Sicily (Italy).

He first played with various local Bands in his Hometown. At Age 10, he founded his first Band. This formation was years on the private TV station "Tele Color" in the Italian edition of the Mini Playback Show. Towards the end of the 1970's he won with his later Band "T.D.F." the rock festival in Bologna.

Tony Catania studied classical music and the history of music at the Conservatorio di Musica Vincenzo Bellini. He also received training / diploma at the SAE Institute in Creative Media Education Frankfurt.

Mid-1980s Tony Catania came to Germany and worked for Frank Farian on different successful music productions.

Beginning of the 1990s he founded his own studio "Catania Music Studios", in order to concentrate on his work as a music producer, composer and musician. For His music productions as well as Composing Tony receives requests from all over the world.

In 1994 Tony Catania was the songwriter and producer of the international hit with Scatman John. It was followed by other successful songs and two albums with Scatman John. Unfortunately John Larking passed away from a serious illness in 1999!

In 1998 Tony Catania (as Tom Civic) discovered the rhythm and blues - singers and dancers "R'n'G", which he produced and composed in collaboration with Alex Christen. Within a short period of time they rapidly climbed to the Top of the national as well as International charts. 2001 the album "The Year of R'n'G" was born. Tony Catania developed his own style after Scatman John and R'n'G. He works primarily in the genres Pop Music | Pop, Pop Rock, R & B, Electronic Dance Music | Dance and Hip-Hop & Classic. The music productions, his ideas and his sense of electronic dance music have made Tony Catania nationally and internationally known.

In 2005 he built another music studio in Florida (USA) Tony commutes between UK, Germany and USA. Tony Catania is making history in the music world! But is also still doing business in Europe.

2014 he was working with the London Symphony and the Abbey Roads studio in England on the lady Diana song queen of hearts that was created together with Mr. Cervantes.

Tony cantania is a worldwide songwriter, producer, mix engineer as well as a musician with all his heart and soul….




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